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And nearly half of all teens in relationships say they know friends who have been verbally abused. Then, it just gets too much so she runs away to find a new life on the streets. Caitlin can't believe she could get a guy like Rogerson. She understands why Cole doesn't want her hanging out with Zack, even though they're just friends, and he's her best friend. He knows he would never do what Gigi has accused him of. As the two brothers try to find what happens next, the disturbing truth remains-- Jace may be doomed to repeat his father's ways.

But when he turns violent, she can't bring herself to leave. But how far is Cole willing to go to keep Alex under his control? The entire town is mourning Trip's death in a car accident, but his girlfriend knows the truth of who Trip was, the reality of their relationship, and what actually happened that night. Two girls, one spending one last summer in her small town before leaving for college, one a stranger whose corpse is found by the side of the road.

Did you know that February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month?

Ironically the capital forces it's districts to compete is such a violent game as a punishment for their violence and rebellion against the capital years before.

The trilogy is about Katniss' journey to standing up to the violence of the capital. Head over to Moxie Writers for more on the YA cause/tough issue and organizations that help.

The Droughtlanders gets to grips with climate change, revolutionary politics, regime change, circuses, cowardice and the terrible price of jealousy and revenge.

Carrie Mac must have once had an awful time with a brother or sister to understand just how competitive and harsh brothers and sisters, especially twins can be to each other.

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