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public void Item_Bound(object sender, Data List Item Event Args e) { Label original Price Label; if (e. DBNull'and then tried to build the project but there is no positive impact on the problem. How can I create a Selinux policy so download of " updates.bugzilla.org/bugzilla-update.xml" and saving to "./data/ bugzilla-update.xml" is allowed Thanks You can check and see why bugzilla is not able to write to "data" folder.

The "\w" construct should allow all characters except the set of "punctuation", "separator" and "other" characters.

Creates an XML 1.0 compliant non-validating parser. XSD schemas are associated with namespace URIs either by using the schema Location attribute or the provided Xml Validating Reader.

I’m in the final stages of getting my West Wind Web Store app ported over to 2.0 by getting rid of all of the obsolete function calls and other non fatal messages.

The validation model has three characteristics, strict, informative, and status.

Strict, does not allow the mixing of validation types, informative provides a warning if the schema or DTD cannot be found, and status provides warnings if validation cannot be performed for elements and attributes from schemas.

Data Item' is a 'property' but is used like a 'method' HI I have a datalist with On Item Data Bound I get the following error when I try to get the Data Item 'System. However, inputting some values in a new row and calling dw. I use DW2.5 (build 8542), VS2005 pro, MS SQL Express.

Is that folder writable by the user running web server? Update error , "Unable to cast object of type ' System. String'" , using Data Set as a datasource Hi All, The following sample code is for testing dw. The data retrieval and display part under Form1_Load works fine.

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