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when i am wish to play a mp3 format song by using windows media player 11, it cannot play at all.Not juz this songs cannot play, but almost all the songs on my computer cannot play too..!!!!Even if you don't have Windows Media Player 11, however, recent versions of WMP (i.e.the aforementioned Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Player 12) basically use the same steps, so ripping with other WMP versions will not be a problem.The missing codec might be available to download from the Internet.To search for the MP3 - MPEG Layer III (55) codec, see

Although WMP can handle multiple locations, it is recommended that you centralize where you are keeping your music (note that for this guide, I will focus only on Music.This procedure can be applied to video and photos as well).First we need to locate and delete the library index. This tutorial will show you how, using a program available to anybody with a PC for free — Windows Media Player.When I first put together this tutorial on how to use Windows Media Player to rip music or tunes from a CD, I used Windows Media Player 11 for testing as well as my screenshots. Then there are some of you who might still be using WMP 10.

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