Who is stella schnabel dating

A year later he had his first solo museum exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston.

In the 1970s, Schnabel traveled twice to Europe, where he was enormously impressed by the work of contemporary German artists like Joseph Beuys and Italian artists as Fra Angelico, Giotto and Caravaggio.

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Anita Pallenberg, the Italian-German actress, model, and longtime romantic partner of Keith Richards, has died at age 73.

Olivier met Charlotte Bernard, 40, a writer from a prominent French family, in New York and after a whirlwind romance they married on the exclusive island of Nantucket in 1997.

They followed their American wedding with a French ceremony presided over by Nicolas, then mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the wealthy Paris suburb that was the family's political base.

Schnabel worked as a short-order cook and frequented Max's Kansas City, a restaurant-nightclub, while he studied at the Whitney Museum.

In 1975 Schnabel returned to Texas for eight months.

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