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Last summer Stana went on a two-week holiday to Mongolia, where she donned traditional clothes, learned a few words of Khalkha (the official language), slept in a yurt and rode a camel through the Gobi Desert. Her latest cause is the Alternative Travel Project.“California’s supposed to be an eco-friendly state and we’re doing a rotten job of it in L. Her ambition was to encourage viewers and fans of to leave their cars at home and find other ways to commute. ” Stana says seeing the world through “Canadian eyeballs” helped cultivate her nonconformist attitude.; More Photo Galleries Stana Katic's Sexy Legs Top 10 “Will They/Won’t They?” Couples on TV Sneak Peek Photos of Castle Season 4, Episode 10: “Cuffed" ;, but what's ; Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion's relationship like in real life?

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“Our goal with ‘Sister Cities’ has always been to get the film in front of as many people as possible, and Lifetime has proved to be the preeminent network to reach viewers who love films with strong female characters and performances,” said director-producer Sean Hanish.But it was Jeremy who, after learning that his ex had been raped, stepped up and did the unthinkable in order to win back her trust.At the close of the episode, the trio (plus Chet) watched as a news report revealed that Coleman and Yael’s car » Monday’s Devious Maids finale neatly tied up every loose end from the Lifetime drama’s killer fourth season…Did you ever wonder who is current boyfriend of Stana Katic?I would say so because she is so smart that hides most of the time her current and past boyfriends.

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