Who is michael beasley dating

Beasley is perhaps the most well-known player to voluntarily choose China over the NBA.A bunch of players played in China during the lockout in 2011.

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He will likely stay around that 15-minute cap for the next few games, as the Bucks want to make sure he is healthy for the postseason. There should be some minutes available with Malcolm Brogdon (back) out and how the Bucks have so many multi-position players. He is not going to lead the Bucks to the Finals, or something. He is coming off his best season At age 27, Beasley should be right in the thick of his prime.I am not even going to call this story “The Bea’s Knees.” You know? And weirdly enough (this is Michael Beasley, after all), he is. Henson filling in the gap for Michael Strahan these days?According to sources close to the two, the Empire diva and the daytime talk show star have entered the early stages of bae-hood.

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