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Brian, had you heard of Megan before you had met her? That first night went so well and we had such a good time that I didn’t want to Google her and see how much she out-credited me.BG: I had only heard her name before in the same way that you hear all sorts of people’s names. I didn’t want to be intimidated next time we were together shootin’ the s***.She was born on the 29th of March, 1981 to parents Jack and Donna.Born in Bellevue, Washington, this beauty was interested in opera and took vocal classes since the age of 12.She moved to New York City after graduating, and in August 2004 made her Broadway debut as the standby for Glinda the Good Witch, before taking over the role from Jennifer Laura Thompson on May 31, 2005.After playing the role for a year, Hilty ended her run on May 28, 2006 and was succeeded by Kate Reinders.

Here the couple talks about how their chance meeting turned into marriage and a family band. BG: You took my phone and put your phone number in it. There’s no pressure.” Neither of us were looking for a relationship.If you weren’t working together then how on earth did you meet in the Broadway scene? What did you think when you came away from that conversation? BG: I was supposed to leave town two weeks later, so it worked out because there was no pressure really. Both of us had just gotten out of very long-term relationships, so it was very casual, and I think that’s actually why it ended up working out.Megan Hilty: We might be the first [A Fine Showmance] couple who didn’t actually work together before we started dating. I think she actually took my phone and put her phone number in it. It was a really busy time for Megan when you met since Smash just started to air.We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that there’s probably not many men in this world who drink their coffee out of a mug plastered with a sexy cartoon version of their wife.But that’s just the kind of swag you get when you’re married to Megan Hilty.

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