Who is jeydon wale dating 2016

With many of his You Tube videos of hip-hop and acoustic music receiving thousands of views, You Tube came as a blessing into his troubled life.

Today Jeydon has over 850,000K subscribers on his channel with over 74 million views.

I guess you kinda do but yknow HAHA I& #39;m gonna go make toast k bye - just posted my 7 Months on Testosterone update video 💉 :) link in bio. and proud of baby jey wale, wouldn't be here today without how brave that little shit is.

I guess you kinda do but yknow HAHA I'm gonna go make toast k bye - man..an incredible couple months in california with my best friends. honestly so weird being back in my room, I almost forgot what it looked like HAHA.

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I want to part ways with it, and have no form of contact with it outside of posting my music and ideas to my You Tube for the fans that care about my art.He wants his fans to go through this journey with him! I just can’t thank you enough; thank you for letting me be myself, something the world was trying so hard to take away from me...It's pretty amazing how open and confident Jeydon is now, but he explains that it wasn't always that way! You guys are the reason why I’m still here and I want to show you how happy I am." Bravo Jeydon! They say opposites attract, but Tyler Hagen and Shannon Taylor‘s differences proved to be too much to handle and the You Tube couple decided to break up.The musical pair met just over a year ago while filming a music video for the 24-year-old’s channel and were inseparable ever since.

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