Web page not updating

Hlo about Twitter cards, we updated content on our web site, and also the content of twitter cards meta tags...

But when sending a Tweet with that URL, the link to show the abstract shows the old content of the meta tags ! JPK - E SYSTEMES - France I guess Tweet cards are cached.

There is no better or more cost effective way to advertise your business than on the World Wide Web.

If done correctly Web pages make your business, company or organization easily accessible to anyone with a PC, laptop, Tablet or mobile phone There are many decisions that go into updating your website and we have broken these 14 key reasons into the following categories: Design Marketing Usability Time When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your organisation.

You can set the refresh rate from as little as 2 seconds to as high as 60 minutes.

I am obliged to reload with F5 all the time, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of Live Preview.

Are you one of those people that will keep refreshing a webpage in order to be the first to buy something during Black Friday? It’s not very often, but there are these crucial times every year when you have to become a page refreshing pro in order to get the best deal.

However, it can be quite a task to continually refresh multiple web pages at the same time.

I'v tried @episod trick who suggests to add get parameter following the URL...

And it work.(https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/9005) But indeed, I guess there should be a tool somewhere in dev.twitter.com, for instance, to refresh cached URL, for us not to have to add get parameters each time we tweet the same URLs with new meta content...

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