Updating records retention schedules

After a proposed schedule is approved, an update entry will be made to NRRS 1441.1, including an entry in the Change History log.

The NASA Records Officer will then notify all Center Records Managers and the change requesting office of the approval and NRRS update.

Creating and implementing them is a challenge for many organizations however, as the process can be resource intensive. Our consultants have extensive experience developing functional classification systems and records retention schedules across all industries and verticals.

Functional classification is a system which allows you to properly organize your records based on what your business does.

Unscheduled records are managed as though "Permanent," meaning they cannot be destroyed until NARA has appraised them and/or a new schedule has been established.

It did not appropriately reflect the current business environment, advances in technology and records management practice, or current data privacy and security standards.

Also included is the state Finance Department's internal records retention schedule for payroll records; other state agencies determine their own retention for payroll records.

Recently, the state Finance Department merged with the state Department of Employee Relations (DOER) to form MMB.

This helps with everything from managing risk and compliance to improving information access and collaboration, as well as reducing unnecessary duplication of documents.

Creating the right system means taking a holistic view of your RM program with respect to your business activities and the records, both paper and electronic, that support them.

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