Updating my katana phone

If you take a photo on Instagram, you'll lose the ability to immediately share it to Facebook via the app.And as The Guardian notes, certain features like "Instant Articles" will go away, which might translate to a clunkier experience than you're used to.First, even if the Facebook app reportedly drains your phone's battery, it does provide conveniences.A lot of other apps plug into the app to make sharing easier, for example.If your Facebook battery usage has been especially bad recently, it has apparently been fixed server-side.You don't use Facebook and also get surprised by battery drain issues, especially with the ocean of data to support just how hungry both Facebook and Messenger can be, but recently several users noticed a dramatic spike in power consumption.

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Facebook's Messenger lead David Marcus responded to a recent complaint about power consumption on Twitter recently with an explanation and an apology, and it looks like whatever was going wrong has been fixed.

Things that when you think of the champion, you can't help but think of. We really wanted to push the Mantle of Decorum, and her Mantra style gameplay. Maybe this will open the space for another fan champion to blow us all away?

This can go one way or another, either good or bad, weak or strong. We know a lot of players have been asking for these changes for a while, and we're hoping to get them to the live servers ASAP, so test them out and let us know if you find any bugs.

If you feel compelled to do this more than once because of continued battery drain, chances are you're experiencing something entirely different from this problem.

Fortunately for you, it looks like the guy in charge is pretty responsive.

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