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If you have ever downloaded and installed a distribution for Drupal, then this should seem very familiar to you.If you are having trouble installing, please check out our "Troubleshooting the Installation Guide." Chances are you have customized Commerce Kickstart, and you should capture those overrides in a module To prevent your changes getting lost when Features are reverted, you have to capture them in an override module.Use the following code snippets (and make sure to backup everything): Extract the Files The files come compressed in either zip or Once you have them extracted, you will want to place the entire folder in your site's root folder (also called www root or docroot).

He also provides some resources to tools that can assist you in the upgrade process, and walks through an example module that he updates from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.So without further ado: Sure, we've all got our methods, but the point of this is to provide something for people who don't know how to use such tools.So that every new Drupal users can quickly and easily update their modules and themes, without ever hitting FTP or the command line.For detailed instructions about how to do a manual update, please see the official Drupal documentation at https://We’re trying to provide a way that users can get the same user friendliness of a package manager like Synaptic.

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