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Time moves on and Mr Doe has left the company (or maybe he's been promoted ..) so Ms Jones is now in charge.

The domain is still registered to XYZ Ltd, but you need to get the domain contact updated.

A signed letter on the company's headed paper explaining the update should suffice.

As a guide, the letter should state: If the previous Administrative Contact is no longer with the organisation, or is no longer responsible for the domain registration, please also state this on the authorisation letter, and instead have the new Administrative Contact sign the document The letter can be sent as an attachment to [email protected] we can send the letter to the registry for you.

You have a couple of options if you'd like to change your domain name. The article below desribes how to change a domain name through the Cloud Cloud Control Panel™(CCP).

If you change your domain name using the steps provided below, you will always be able to access your site using the free staging URL provided when you launch a site.

This can be an exciting time for your personal or professional site, but it can also be one of the scariest.

We're more than happy to change your domain for you.

If you'd like us to change the domain name, simply log into your CCP and click on the "New Ticket" button to submit a new support ticket.

With the introduction of the domain Secondary Market and Registrant Transfer Process on November 19th 2016, the process to update the registrant of a domain has changed.

If the domain is the subject of a sale, Blacknight recommends that all parties familiarise themselves with the IE Domain Registry’s policies and procedures: While not all domain holder updates will be part of a domain sale, this process must still be followed to perform a domain holder update.

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