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Especially the scenes with How I Met Your Mother star are really worth seeing.As usual, the home media release contains an Unrated Version which is being announced with "extra raunchy footage" on the US cover. I must admit there are lots of dialogs that are much ruder in the Unrated Version (among other words, she drops the C-Bomb) and there's also a sexual background now like the "not really having sex" sex scene with Timberlake and Diaz but that's not really worth mentioning. But on the other hand, the added footage doesn't lower the pace - so there's no reason to complain.

The more serious scenes constantly slow the humor down and so do those scenes which are meant to be funny but in fact really aren't.So technically, it's like adding deleted scenes but not adding footage too rude for an R-Rating. And besided, the US releases contain both the R-Rated and Unrated Version so it shouldn't be a biggie at all.Running times refer to Theatrical Version in NTSC / Unrated Version in NTSC - / - In the Unrated Version, Elizabeth adds: "And I was gonna suck his dick.The night before the gang's graduation from Riverdale High, The Archies play their final concert and mourn the oncoming changes.Archie comes home and after getting heat from his father about picking a college, he takes a walk down Memory Lane... Archie realizes he's never walked up Memory Lane before and switches directions.

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    They were first linked when they were spotted attending the Stanley Cup final in June 2012 after meeting on the set of the previous winter.