True christions dating

The Father loves us and sent His Son to give us everlasting life (John ).JESUS CHRIST is the Second Person of the Trinity, eternally born of the Father.I could not dismiss this, because Blue Lodge and Royal Arch Masonry are the only two, true original forms of the Craft.Therefore, it did not matter what other types of Christian window-dressings were placed into the York or Scottish Rites.It also does not matter how much they attempt to change the rituals to be more palatable to Christians, since the origins, to me, betray the focus.

His coming to earth was foretold in the Old Testament by the Prophets.We have over 1,300 articles explaining the bad science used by young earth creationist ministries. We know that God cannot lie, so this cannot be the case.--------------------------------------------------------- (The material below is compiled from various articles on this site) Many young earth believers will claim that old earth belief is incompatible with Christianity. There are two other possible alternatives from which you must choose.The secular meaning for the word orthodox is what people consider as generally accepted to be true by most people and what most people believe to be true.So how does this definition tie into what is called Orthodox Christianity?

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