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Best Buy is the official national sponsor for Teen Tech Week 2016.

The company is on a mission to provide teens access to tech programs that will equip them with 21-century skills and help bridge the digital divide.

Although a wide variety of products were featured, advertisements for cosmetics and beauty products were the most frequent.

Further, many of the products advertised (e.g., dating services, weight loss products, gambling games) might be considered inappropriate for the intended audience (i.e., teenagers) of the Web site.

We don't see Peter Parker bitten by a radioactive spider. One minute he's stopping a bike theft, the next he's mistakenly attacking a man trying to break into his own car. Unlike last year's "Civil War," in which Stark played a sizable role, Stark and Hogan only seem to appear so they can chide Parker when he makes mistakes.

It's unsurprising Parker is screwing up as a new superhero, but I did find it jarring to see both men give Parker a long leash and act surprised when he breaks it. Parker's world and cast of characters are far more interesting anyway.

He's a teenager trying to reach his full potential and impress a girl he's crushing on. , we skip a lot of Spider-Man territory from previous films. Yes, the "great power with great responsibility" mantra still applies. Instead, the story focuses on Parker's journey, with the young Spider-Man saving people about as much as he puts them in more danger.

In high school, I daydreamed about having superpowers.

If I'd gotten them, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" tells the story of what I think my life would've been like.

She clearly wants to play a direct part in Parker's life by offering social advice and getting him to parties.

And like a protective parent, she's not crazy about the danger that often comes with an Avengers lifestyle.

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