Spot dating kolkata

For Rs 100, you can get yourself a Chicken Biryani Thali, which contains a portion each of Chicken Biryani, Chicken Chaap, Egg, Kebabs and mixed greens on the side.So in the event that you haven't attempted it yet, it's about time!Locating the restaurant is not tough and if needed, you can call up the staff officials beforehand for help.As far as the menu list is concerned, food and drinks are fair and moderate here.The charming locales of Kolkata form a scenic backdrop for celebrating the day of love.

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Dont let your love suffer because of demonetization. For all the bong couples (non-bongs too), Cafe Ekante is your best bet for foodies like you.I tell you, he is such an enthusiastic chap that he does not let go a single vacation without visiting new places, no matter if the break is short or long.At times, he inspires me to head to those places that he has already been to and I as a travel-bug keep on planning for trips even if the plan materializes or not. He not only told me about the best places to see in West Bengal, but sent me couple of images of the spots in my Facebook inbox.Click here for more details – https:// The Afraa Restaurant and Lounge promises you a tempting lunch to appease the taste buds of you and your loved ones.Besides, this fine dining lounge will have a special dining buffet spread for a romantic culinary delight.

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