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Law enforcement blew up the image, zeroed in on the serial numbers on the cash, and were able to match the numbers to bills found on Edward Thomas, 41, also known as “Fire,” when he was arrested. Daly said social media posts, private messages, and text messages were a large portion of the evidence presented at Thomas’s trial. From recruiting and grooming sex workers to finding customers, the internet is being used in every stage of the sex trafficking game, Daly said, and Thomas’s case is not unique in that regard.

The picture displayed a young woman sprawled on a hospital bed. Posted on Instagram in October 2012, the photo helped seal the case against a New York man now serving a 17½ year sentence in federal prison for sex trafficking minors in Milford. “As with many crimes, the internet has made sex trafficking easier to commit and easier to investigate,” Daly said.

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Some video chat rooms have the ability to upload photos to user profiles, as well as create themed chat rooms.Rather than patrolling the streets, ‘Johns’ can invite sex workers directly to their hotel rooms.In the recent prosecution of Wellington Brown, who pleaded guilty to sex trafficking minors in Connecticut in March 2015, the website was reportedly used to advertise sex with victims.We welcome people from all over the world, especially those from countries such as Britain, the U.S., Russia and Canada, because they have a majority.

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