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He criticised the DAP, specifically Lim Kit Siang, for allowing the issue of the DAP's registration as a legitimate political party to linger in doubt and thus becoming potential ammunition (against the DAP) in the arms of the UMNO controlled (published 1978) in which Lim KS himself warned in Parliament while debating the Third Malaysia Plan in July 1976, that several time bombs were ticking away in Malaysia and unless these time bombs were defused, Malaysia could suffered horrendous Thayaparan commented that instead of the DAP addressing the issue raised by the Ro S a long time ago in a transparent manner for the party's long term interests rather than some individual interests, the party went about the matter in a couldn't-care-less manner, resorting to a proposed 'de Bono' use of PAS logo just prior to the 2013 general elections While I don't always agree with Cmdr Thayaparan, where one instance was the Charlie Hebdo affair in which I was anti-Charlie Hebdo for its racist policies masked by its anti-Islamist publications, while Aneh was anti-Islamist terrorists, full stop, not that I wasn't but I could discern Charlie Hebdo's bullshit and was prepared to air them in my blog. From daily Kos: On the 5th of May, members of the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo received PEN's Freedom of Expression Courage award at the organization's annual gala, following more than a week of heated debate about the journal's treatment of Islam and Muslims.

It was indeed announced by PEN at the end of April that six writers had chosen not to attend the upcoming gala, in order to denounce the attribution of the award to Charlie Hebdo.

Waktu itu EM amat geram akan kemontokkan tubuh Milah semasa mengandong.

EM pernah memberitahu Milah yang dia syok betul pada Milah semasa dia mengandong dan berangan nak main dengan Milah.

Let's not beat about the bush." His post was also published by me alongside with the post below (also a letter to Malaysiakini), namely, 'KD Freedom of Expression scuttled', wakakaka (excuse my amateur attempt at naval expression) - Nonetheless, I consider Cmdr Thayaparan a reasonably fair man, and in the irony that he doesn't favour the DAP, perhaps his words should provide us with the best assessment of what is going on with Lim Kit Siang's sandiwara.

What everyone is worried about is the support of the fence sitters and that the sympathy vote goes a long way.

Kisah yang ingin saya ceritakan adalah berdasarkan cerita yang sebenar. Aku merupakan seorang Executive disebuah firma Kewangan di KL dan sudah berkahwin dan mempunyai anak.

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