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from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“However I don’t think that this is going to settle the litigation, which is taking place throughout the state.” Anheuser-Busch has taken Illinois to court for interfering with the beer company’s distributor licenses.

In early 2011, Bradley sponsored a bill that would revamp the workers’ compensation system by reducing benefits for injured workers and beefing up measures to reduce fraudulent claims.

"We expect the outcome of this study to support scientifically sound national policy decisions on bioenergy crops development especially with regards to cellulosic grasses," wrote Atul Jain, professor of atmospheric sciences at U of I, regarding a paper published by the journal .

Carrigan said that although there had been discussion, many issues were left unresolved. You either sell it or you don't.” In May 2011, the Illinois House unanimously passed a measure, sponsored by Mautino, that would allow craft brewers to distribute their own beer. Senate Bill 754 would allow craft brewers that manufacture up to 465,000 gallons of beer per year to distribute not more than 232,500 gallons of their own beer in that same year.

Among those who oppose the bill is Michael Carrigan, AFL-CIO president. “You don't partially sell a car or partially sell a home.

Specifically, the most suitable regions to grow bioenergy grasses in terms of impact on water (and ultimately ethanol production) are eastern Ohio, eastern Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, and the Northern Atlantic regions.

Miscanthus and Cave-in-Rock are less suitable in areas such as Missouri, southern Illinois, and Mississippi River watershed regions of eastern Arkansas.

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