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This area of our website is dedicated to making sure you select the best games to suit your family's entertainment needs.

In this section you will find detailed information about: Established in 1994, the ESRB is an independent organization responsible for reviewing and rating video games for content.

Then, on the System Settings screen (as seen above), touch the Parental Controls icon, and you'll be greeted with a screen explaining that you can control "access to software with unsuitable age ratings, purchasing from Nintendo e Shop, internet browsing, etc".

Press "Set" in the bottom right hand corner, and you'll be taken to another screen re-iterating that parents can set these controls for children.

If the next day, you go to woohoo, and there's a button saying: "Try for a baby" click it! Then rose pettles sprinkle on the bed and after a few seconds, they get out and cuddle nicely.

Because this is a manual process, it can take up to two or more days to get the code.When our children got 3DSes we all liked using Swapnote to send notes privately to each other.In October of 2013, Nintendo pulled the plug from Swapnote due to minors being subjected to inappropriate images being sent their way.The usual advice about not using anything easy to guess, like a birthday or anniversary stands here - after all, the whole point of setting this is to stop your children being able to remove your lovingly crafted Parental Controls!After keying in a PIN in, and then re-entering it for extra security, you'll be asked to choose and answer a secret question, as a fail-safe for if you forget your PIN in future.

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