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The same misconceptions and cultural barriers that MEDLIFE encountered when first offering free Pap smears in Pamplona, discussed in detail in this blog entry, reappeared in my research.

When it comes to information about safe sex, it seems that many communities in Peru were just never given the tools needed to identify the risks of STDs or to understand contraception options. This report from 2008 estimates the number of Peruvian schools offering even rudimentary sex education to be less than five percent.

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The same study found that among populations living in high-risk areas for STD transmission, typically impoverished city-dwellers, only 35.8 percent of individuals under 25 were able to correctly identify effective forms of STD prevention.

Among women with casual sexual partners, only 12 percent reported consistent condom use.

Study after study corroborated a bleak picture of increasing STD transmission in Peru and other parts of Latin America, especially in large urban areas.

Factors included risky sexual behavior, limited condom use, and a fundamental lack of education.

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