Sermon series on dating teens

We can share a car pool, an office, and even a home and not have significant relationships. He was born in Tarsus, educated in Jerusalem, lived in Damascus, spent formative time in the desert, moved to Antioch, and that was only the beginning.

Professionally, he ventured out from Antioch on three extensive missionary campaigns, traveling from city to city.

I'm not perfect and I didn't do everything right, but God is gracious.

But looking at what order God has set out with physical intimacy and the dynamics of desire. When he stepped aboard there wasn't room enough for him to turn around. People actually began talking and relating to each other.We can be a part of a company, a club, or a church and not feel we belong or are accepted.All of this is terribly sad, but some will say, "Well, that is just the way the world is. Why do many husbands and wives share a home and a bed, yet live like total strangers? In this great chapter, Paul addresses the Christian home and the problems faced there.You can't expect the lost to live godly." In response to that let me remind you that the divorce rate among Christians is equal to that of the lost world. The divorce rate among ministers of all Protestant denominations is nearly 20% and among Southern Baptists, the rate is 4%. He gives some very practical advise, that if followed, will make a world of difference in the way we live and carry out this business of marriage.

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