Royal dating show

Stage 3: Dress fake Harry in an outfit Prince Harry would usually wear (khaki trousers, blue shirt).

Stage 4: Give fake Harry etiquette classes (table manners, royal sports and general Prince Harry knowledge).

We got down OK but had to come down a chute on to a bed of foam.

He’s adored in Britain and beyond – so is it really a surprise that a new reality series has come out with ‘Harry’; as the main focus? is screened on the American TV network Fox and involves a Prince Harry lookalike and twelve American girls who have been flown to a British castle to compete for his affection.We arrived at a really beautiful hotel which was sheer luxury. But in the morning I woke with bad stomach cramps and was eventually sick and had to spend the next 10 hours in bed, alone and with just water to drink.We'd both had exactly the same food and drink but he was fine. If you spot someone you like, drop an email to [email protected] tell the production team who you would love to meet and why. " in which they thought they were competing for the affections of Prince William's younger brother, Harry.

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