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It was his daughter’s white mother and white grandmother, who ultimately lost their parental rights while a South Carolina judge condemned their campaign of treachery and racism to steal a Black child.

This is not our conventional notion of white supremacy.

Maybe it’s thanks to my mother’s rigid Catholic upbringing, as a Cuban woman of Spanish descent packed off to a convent school in New England.

Maybe it’s the Forties and Fifties films I consumed constantly as a child.

This Black dad’s nemesis wasn’t his state’s recently banished Confederate flag.

She is happily Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

Quick & Dirty: This is a great book filled with action, romance and suspense.

When the photographs were exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, in 1995, they were “like shock troops crashing a mannerly art-world party,” the critic Holland Cotter wrote in the research.

(The disease, Helms reasoned, was the consequence of “deliberate, disgusting, revolting conduct.”) It was also a statement to the gay community, which Opie saw as chasing respectability at the expense of sexual radicals like her and her friends, who were avid practitioners of sadomasochism.

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