Recycle bin not updating

Files in workflow cannot not be immediately recycled; that is, if a page is locked by a user or pending approval by another user, the admininistrator would need to check in the page before it can be recycled.Not all users have inherent rights to recycle, restore, and delete.

If the recycle bin is not configured for a site, then files can only be permanently deleted rather than being sent to the recycle bin.This was already possible when viewing Sways in browsers with full screen options. When you tap or click Play in the app, the Sway fills the entire screen, with the Windows app chrome and Taskbar hidden.To return to editing mode, simply hit Escape or choose the pencil icon in the top right." Other new features include the ability to drag and drop images from a PC or tablet into a Sway file, a way to nest one group of content inside another group, and a preview add-in that allows images and text from a One Note 2016 or One Note 2013 page to be used as the start of a new Sway page.When a page is recycled on the staging server, the published derivatives are automatically deleted from production servers.Likewise, a file can also be solely deleted from the production server or other publish target by navigating to the Production tab or tab for the publish target, and deleting it.

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