Reasons to take a break from dating

Your head knows that freaking out won’t help you move on, but your heart has something completely different to say.Instead of being overwhelmed with emotion and driving down depression highway, try to take a more peaceful, Zen approach to the break-up.

What was the main reason your good relationship went bad?

It may not come easy, but with time and practice you too can reach a higher level and eventually feel much better.

Sometimes it's better to be single if it means getting rid of the main source of our angst and frustration. I thought for sure that meant he'd be great in bed.

Yet, at times, even a good man can become overwhelmed verbally, and go into what I call “emotional overwhelm.” This is where a man can’t handle the emotions coming at him and feels so anxious inside that he ends up withdrawing to get away. If you can learn to talk about “loaded” topics without having your man become emotionally overwhelmed, your relationship will instantly change for the better.

But if you keep pushing each other past a safe emotional place, don’t wonder why he acts distant.

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