Rain dating

Dress up the girl in a casual chic gown and overcoat or jacket.Add a pair of elegant high heel shoes or booties, a stylish hand bag, scarf, gold earrings and chain, as well as a retro hot wavy hairstyle to complete her look. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new couple dress up game for girls!The album sold a million copies in Asia, and established Rain as an international star.

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Theoretically, they must be bonding a little bit to still be talking on a first-name basis following the incident on page 29.

If it's true though, they will be the first world star couple.

Both Rain and Jeon Ji Hyun was cast in Hollywood movie in 2009 with the former being in Ninja Assassin and the latter in Blood: The Last Vampire. Tune Entertainment, denied the rumor stating, "" The rumors stemmed from pictures published by paparazzi news agency, Sports Seoul this morning and claiming it as a world exclusive.

Pretty rare that two A listers that are huge icons in Korea would get together.

They admit through their agency that they are getting to know one another.

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