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Oh and i recently got an std and i dont have sex with anyone else and he claims he didnt cheat on me and then he wonders why i dont trust him. Well the STD had to come from somewhere and it is usually not a toilet seat. v=58F2q Yy Az ME&feature=relmfu JNicks is right about the STD.

If you are fighting a lot I can give you some links to some videos that might help if you enjoy looking at psychological stuff? Look at the triggers, look for the points when you might back down.. It is unlikely that you contracted it from any other source aside from your BF, but depending on the disease it is possible that it was dormant for a time (ex.

My boyfriend is punjabi indian & I'm black & puerto rican.

We've been together for a year and we've had alot of ups & downs. My boyfriend has an addiction to weed and before he didnt have a job & now he does.

I attempted to date Canadian (white) women, but I was always shot down for the same reasons, every time, i.e. Part of the reason is the propensity of Indians to date within their culture, but there are also many other Indians who are rejected simply because they conjure up the stereotype of an Indian, even when they don't fit the stereotype. Apparently it depends on the Indian man and his looks and personality.Bojangles was kind enough to send me a review copy of new book "Desi Casanova", a game guide geared specifically at helping Indian men, based on his experience as a third(? I was pretty shocked by reading his story, having assumed an Indian player like Bojangles would have always been decent with women, or at the very least always had good social skills, rather than having to start from scratch and take an already difficult path with all of that extra baggage. Bojangles life story is an integral part of the work, and is coloured by cultural artifacts and anecdotes from having an Indian British background i.e how he was never a stud in high school and far from the captain of the team On a more serious note, he lays bare how by the age of 25 he had only had sex with 2 girls and never had a long-term girlfriend, while being very shy and having had his spirit essentially crushed by his domineering father, before deciding to turn his life around and throw himself into self-improvement.Yup, plenty of Latino male/white female couples not just in CA but in basically all border/SW states, to say nothing of the inverse, and their skin tones can run the gamut.You don't see too many shorter, darker-complexioned mostly-Native blood Latinos with tall blonde American/Euro women, but then, you don't see many short guys with tall women in general.

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