Proposal database updating

Proposed Solution: Implement a Where() function to add a condition based on a pivot table value.That way the database only returns the useful records, making it a lot faster.The Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA; DR 9.1) is designed to optimize science from HST by providing online, enhanced Hubble products and advanced browsing capabilities.

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This database engine is commonly described in NSS documents as "DBM" and has a number of limitations.or I'm just really slow :-) I thought about doing it that way, but given that Eloquent automatically links class names to tables, including pivot tables, it seemed inconsistent to have to manually specify the pivot table name in this one instance.It makes much more sense, from my point of view, to have Eloquent manage the table name behind the scenes, like everything else.This tool may be useful in helping you define your science program.Note that if you were required to use the 'Increase Scheduling Flexibility' flag for any of your observations, please see the special instructions for determining your orbit request on the HST Orbital Viewing and Schedulability web page. Open the targets folder and complete the Targets section.

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