Pornchat in sa

“Linked In takes the privacy and security of its members extremely seriously.

We will immediately remove profiles that are found to be spreading inappropriate content or engage in spam/phishing as soon as they come to our attention,” the statement read.

Social networks are supposed to be about connection.

If you’re checking South Africa’s news sites today you’ll see a few headlines that surprise, although it doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s cracking.

We’ll start with Times Live and their headline ‘Zuma Studies BCom, wants to outdo Malema’: Zuma has enrolled at the little-known College of Uttar Pradesh‚ a correspondence university in India‚ and is expected to graduate by the end of this year.

S-Anon is a group of husbands, wives, relatives, or close friends of people who, by their sexual behavior, have hurt us deeply.

We would like you to feel that we understand as perhaps few can.

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