Plesk awstats not updating dating 2 men at once

All of the "pages" are included in the visit, therefore you should expect multiple pages per visit and multiple visits per unique visitor (assuming that some of the unique IPs are logged with more than an hour between requests) Pages: The number of "pages" viewed by visitors.

Pages are usually HTML, PHP or ASP files, not images or other files requested as a result of loading a "Page" (like js,css... Files listed in the Not Page List config parameter (and match an entry of Only Files config parameter if used) are not counted as "Pages".

Note 1: Of course, this number includes only traffic for web only (or mail only, or ftp only depending on value of Log Type).

When this plugin is not installed in Plesk AWStats, you won't be able to check the geographical traffic statistics.

In this article, we'll show you the steps to install the geoip country plugin in Plesk AWStats.

If you get a password prompt or the pages don’t exist, then nothing to see here, you’re all good.

If, however, these pages exist and are available to the public, you may want to secure your data using any of the following techniques.

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