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V roce 2002 získal cenu Thálie za svoji roli Howarda Katze ve stejnojmenné divadelní hře.In Bangladesh, young girls are increasingly falling victim to online sexual harassment and abuse.() An analysis by DW's social media expert shows how "Islamic State" militants used the internet to post "updates" on the killings.

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* Los Fi Dis (Figura Internacional de Derecho Fiduciario Inmobiliario) no son una inversión financiera.Authorities have now taken an initiative to create awareness about the use of social media, but will it be effective?With the rise of smartphone use in Bangladesh, the online harassment of women has also grown manifold, according to authorities.However, just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should. Your first sexual experience together should be nothing short of electric, and physical attraction plays a huge role in that. Before stripping down, take a minute to consider your motives. Being physically attracted to your date is one thing, but you also need to make sure that your emotions are ready for all that sex brings..yep, it's more than just an orgasm.Ladies, here are six ways to tell that you should sleep with him..not. Just because you can talk to someone for hours and share the same interests and hobbies doesn't mean you will be a match in the bedroom. Are you sleeping with your date because you are afraid he'll stop calling you if you don't? Safe sex is the only type of acceptable sex to have. Sleeping with someone strengthens bonds and emotions that much faster and can be very confusing, especially if it's a new relationship. Before you go out with a date, here is a quiz to take to determine just how interested in you your date really is. A "Yes" will give you the confidence boost you need to take the next step, while a "No" will prevent you from making yourself look silly.

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