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Second confession of the day: I joined Ok Cupid to play a prank on an ex.I’d just been through two rather nasty breakups, the second of which had involved a boyfriend who cheated on me with a girl he met online.

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Or should I go fuck myself I think we really hit it off And we had a lot in common You seemed to laugh a lot I didn't see a problem In case you're wondering If I'm just trying to get in your pants That's only one of the things And I need to know your stance Do you want to fuck me? Woman you know I want you bad I would disappoint you so hard Don't really want to make you that mad And you know I'm not some retard After all is said and done Communication is key Can you be a fucking adult Would you please just tell me Am I the person that you want The person that you want to screw Or am I just creeping you out And I can't take a clue Do you want to fuck me? As a smart, educated and cool member of Gen-Y, you decide that Ok Cupid is the site for you. But before you find the guy who shares your inexplicable opinion that “Point Break” is the crowning cinematic jewel of the 20th century, a bunch of other weirdos will digitally assault your inbox.You fill out the self-describing essays with care and a bit of whimsy with the hope that maybe, just maybe, “the one” is also on OKC and is taking the same care in selecting the same quirky descriptors. To speed things along in your screening process, I've drafted a handy list of the five types of creeps you will have to pick through before you find true love — or at least a respectable dinner date. These guys are not disrespectful or rude but are actually sincere and well intentioned.As far as the prank on the ex goes, it was resoundingly successful: he finished the experiment with egg on his face but no real harm done, which is pretty much how any good prank should go down. Featuring the Singles: Ok Stupid In My Bed and Next Friday! You'll get none Surprised that I feel no pain I'm not in the least bit jealous I'm numb to your revenge Since there never was an us You think I give a fuck, well you're wrong This is not a love song Don't try to break this heart of steel None of this was ever real I wish you the best, I hope you heal But I never told you how to feel Love is a game you did not win You played yourself and got hurt again Blame me for everything, play the fool You didn't forget, you just broke the rules Treated me bad, it doesn't take that long To figure out that you were wrong Killed the flame as it began, You want my love?

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