Ocs presence not updating

There are a couple of things to try that might fix the problem: "Address Book Synchronization Error" If you have no idea what ABS is, then it’s probably a good thing because you’ve likely never encountered this error.

For those who have seen the error, it’s probably extremely frustrating because its error description will tell you to contact your system administrator.

I also found that each of these users had Cisco Jabber installed, or had been installed at one point.

It turned out that the users affected were part of the Cisco Voice team.

"Outlook Integration Error" As the error suggests, Communicator is unable to connect to Outlook.

Side effects of this include being unable to search for Outlook contacts in Communicator, reverse number lookup failing for Outlook contacts when making a phone call in Communicator, presence not lighting up in Outlook, and others.

I remember in a previous life being able to add keywords into a meeting such as [In a Meeting] in a calendar's topic and it would update communicator's status.

I believe it was a plugin that handled that feature, but I could be wrong.

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