Mirroring behavior dating

We hadn't discussed the question of whether we were dating other people, but because he seemed Ho, ho!

After about a month, I had a rude awakening: He casually mentioned that he was dating two other women at the same time.

Instead, unless he says something about how it's not the kind of thing he usually does, it's likely he acts that way with most people/women/dates.

So, ladies, to help protect you against your incorrect assumptions, I give you ...

You were flattered that he seemed to know and understand you so well?

How he knew you like nobody else, this has to be a soul mate connection – right? and has same values, same goals, and seems to have similar to offer as you.

Join my private Facebook Community for FREEWomen constantly complain about why the men that they’re dating aren’t willing to put in the right amount of effort.

He never calls only texts, never wants to leave the house, never wants to go on a real date or is simply unromantic and aloof.

He may seem to be becoming someone who is unfamiliar to you.

Women put up with bullsh*t behavior for one reason: they’re desperate.

When you start dating a man he gets his chance to show you what he’s about.

To the sociopath, a victim/target is no more than a tool to be used.

He is the slick, smooth salesman, and will assess you, for what you want, what you need, will mirror back to you, and then ‘sell’ you exactly what you want. The sociopath is expert at selling himself, to be exactly what you want and need.

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