Microsoft project work complete not updating

If you are an experienced Project Manager and out of the box Share Point Tasks Web Part is not enough for you to manage projects, you are in luck.In Share Point Online/Office 365, you can easily sync MS Project with Share Point Tasks Web Part.Decision Points Project Web App provides various methods for configuring time reporting.

” Are you tired of going from team member to team member asking for a progress update, only to get an “off the top of my head” calculation of 65% complete?You may run a timesheet compliance report if available or simply encourage team members to submit updates at the end of each week.Ensure that all your project plans are not checked out in any session before you preview the impact to your schedule and accept all pending status updates from all the projects you manage from the ‘Approvals (Tasks)’ page.MS Project, on another hand, is meant to be complicated, contain lots of data/columns, etc.In case you want to surface up some of that info to your end users via Share Point Task list, you need to map those fields.

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