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The webcams will be a flurry of activity over the next few months with many chicks hatching at the same time and first flights keeping us all on the edge of our seats.You can keep up with the webcams, or share your own observations, by following us on Twitter and Facebook.Al-Aqsa mosque is actually off to the side of the Temple Mount unseen by this webcam. Have not been here in a while :)@barbara, the control and security check is mostly due on ID, if the soldier are suspicious, they'll ask ID and will search you and you're have in every entrance of the esplanade, left and right side of the cam big control, review my comment, I said Arabs, not Muslims...the Christian Arabs from Bethlehem are not allowed either...An excited Miami Marlin's fan did her best to distract players and viewers during Wednesday night's St. Just as a Marlins player was getting ready to bat, a young woman tried to distract the Cardinals pitcher by pulling down her jersey and shaking her breasts.Sitting behind home plate, she pulled her shirt down, exposing significant cleavage in between pitches while Christian Yelich was at the plate.

This group of donkeys, which includes adoption donkey, Ruby, live in the main barn and have a yard and paddock to roam freely in.

The entire incident was caught on television camera and witnessed by thousands who were watching the game at home and in bars.

The slightly bemused man sitting to the right of the women was Andy Slater, a talk show host for sports radio station 940-AM WINZ based in Miami.

All four chicks hatched in mid-May, but sadly two died shortly after hatching. The chicks were ringed on 21st June, 2AN is female and 2AM is male.

The nest cameras and transmission equipment have been kindly funded by the Martin Lawrence Memorial Trust.

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