Lime dating

Despite the popularity of dating apps in recent years it seems there’s something missing.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble have reduced “dating” to a lot of swiping and impersonal matching that rarely winds up in anyone actually meeting.

Created by Edward Chen and launched last month, Lime is the first dating app to use data from your i OS health app to asses your activity level.

When you get a match, you can chat, or you can send through one of 3 ‘Go’ requests: “meet up now,” “go out for a coffee” or “grab a bite.” I guess these are there for the more active, ‘go-getting’ dating punters amongst us.Mashable reports that Lime — which launched last month and already has about 5,000 users — is the first app to find you potential dates based on data from your i OS Health app.Creator Edward Chen told Mashable that dating someone whose activity level matches yours "gives you a lot more to talk about, but also more activities to do together.""I use the Apple Health App quite often to compare my steps with my friends'," Chen added in an interview with The Huffington Post.Chen said in an email that he had the idea to match people based on their activity level since, "it gives you a lot more to talk about, but also more activities to do together." A high step count means you're probably into exploring the outside world and would rather not waste your time matching with an indoor boy or girl.The app works by analyzing how you move — are you more active on the weekends, every day or never?

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