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Here are the configuration files from previos example: How to send notification messages - in order to change a notification message we will need a working mail application (for this example we will use sendmail). For Fedora: For Debian: If you don't have sendmail installed (or other application with the same functions - sending mails) you should install it by using either `yum` or `rpm` for Fedora, and `apt-cache` and `apt-get` or `dpkg` for Debian.This example won't cover the installation of those utilities.If you have registered your account from your phone, do not answer it.When you see that the voicemail has started recording the messages type `hangup` And here is the result in our mail: How to send the audio message as an attachment?In the future, you can use the information to create your website, blog or to start an advertising company.

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In order to send a notification message to a certain user we will have to specify his/hers e-mail address.

For our example we will use our imaginary company's mail server named mail.Let's test it out. This command will dial extension `101` from the `internal` context.

Also they tease a little bit of what happened on the set of Party Boat, coming soon to Crackle. The culture, the history, the unfortunate events in laundry rooms and more! Brett invites his baby bro Brian to come on the show and tell us all about how he's the modern day incarnation Aziz Ansari's character on Parks & Rec plus dating advice. Also he tells us about acting in China and learning Chinese. Also Brett & Marty call up Vicki Davern show another round of "Guess Who's Higher". They talk how they came to offer you the deal of the century and the nugget revolution they wanted to start with Nug Life. Plus Brett & Marty call up Vicki for another round of "Guess Who's Higher". Also, the guys talk to Dani in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Plus intern Maddidoches takes over when they talk about The Power Puff Girls! On this episode Devon Werkheiser from Ned's Declassified stops by to talk about Burning Man, his new album "Prologue" and how dodgeball was banned on Ned's Declassified.

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