Katie leung dating robert pattinson

Cho Chang's jooksing White Fever fetish is so strong, she goes through the Harry Potter saga without ever dating a Chinese male nor having any Chinese friends. 'Chinese female falling for the White Knight' is portrayed repeatedly on the western screen to the point of ad nauseum, we have an entire generation of BBC females growing up on Harry Potter wishing they could be in Cho Chang's shoes, they want have their own real life Daniel Radcliffe as their (White) lover. Katie Leung now makes her UK stage debut as Er-Hong in an theatrical adaptation of Jung Chang's infamous 'Mao-Sino-male bashing' 'Wild Swans' at the Young Vic Theatre.

Although the stage production of Wild Swans comprises a list of actors that predictably include non-ethnic Chinese BEA and Eurasians playing ethnic Chinese roles, this specific argument discussed previously on blog articles concerning 'correct representation' and accountability perhaps misses the point.

As Katie Leung is just another Chinese actor looking for roles to play and has no qualms regarding the roles she plays even if it means promoting "Two White knights and Sino-bashing," then isn't the whole concept of promoting Chinese visibility within the context of the western UK media a waste of time?

Like most magic-loving Muggles, I was completely and utterly obsessed with “Harry Potter” as a kid.

According to a new report, actress Kristen Stewart — who cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders — is still in touch with the married director and keeps texting him. Everyone loves the new married couple: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, except Scarlett Johansson who was left heartbroken by the news and thinks Blake is a “cheap version” of herself.

Harry Potter has been the real charm of our early teenage years, adventure was like real and the characters were just like the icons never gonna die in their touchable heroic stories.

In 2009, he was caught growing marijuana in his mother’s London home.

It makes no difference to the outcome, they're not written with a Chinese audience in mind.Now that we have no more Harry Potter films coming (why God, WHY) Matthew Lewis is busy making people fall in love with him. But actually, he does more than just look good 24/7, he’s currently on the BBC Three comedy-drama Draco Malfoy may have been Harry Potter's arch-nemesis, but it was recently revealed that he (Tom, that is) actually belonged in Gryffindor!Since Potter ended in 2011, he's kept busy and gotten very cosy with his beautiful girlfriend Jade Gordon (Draco's wife Astoria Malfoy in .He got some awards, worked for charity, did really good stuff.And of course got the top in most of the lists of the richest and the youngest people combinations.

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