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more Lone Star Court, Austin Features: This retro-themed hotel will take you back to the road trip days of your childhood, although the setting is a bit fancier than you might remember.

As most everyone knows, her husband Kurt Angle is the current TNA World Champion and is scheduled to defend the crown against Christian Cage this Sunday in Greenville, South Carolina, at the Against All Odds pay-per-view.She has been a wrestling fan since the age of ten and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."I've been a wrestling fan longer than Kurt actually.In the following weeks, her character began to develop into a manipulative vamp, such as when she claimed that Sting slapped her at No Surrender when, in fact, he had not.This led to Kurt and Sting losing the Tag Team titles to Team Pacman after Kurt executed the Olympic slam on Sting. Styles and Tomko into helping Kurt retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship during the tag team match for the title.

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