Jon gosselin dating octomom

And while we can only pray the report didn't give them any ideas, it also (for now) is not true...depending on who you ask.

The supermarket staple quoted the oddly credible former producer of , who claimed that the show would follow Gosselin contemplating not only "what hooking up with Octomom could really be like," but what their home life might be like if their respective 14- and 8-strong broods fused, like the Brady Bunch on steroids."I heard that Nadya has an insatiable desire to spend time with Jon and to put their families together," producer Bobby Goldstein told the tabloid.

"This isn't happening."Not that it wasn't at one point in the works, with a rep for the would-be trainwreck boasting of email records to prove it.

They claim Gosselin's rep went so far as to negotiate the reality vet's cut of the profits, a possible shoot location and even Hailey's role in the program."We've been developing this show for months," the rep told E! "We've just been talking to the people the last few days. Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS."The rep went on to claim that the show, which Gosselin's rep adamantly denies, would start as a one-off special, but has series potential."We're even talking about scheduling it around the Superbowl.

Just by watching the clip below you can see how this might become a strain on one person, thankfully she did have help and older children that could help.

Just by watching the trailer, one can see there is a small little man that is lashing out for attention.

But it's really difficult when one parent is in the sabotaging mode.I believe this is the same little man that when Nadya Suleman first came home from the hospital the grandmother was telling her to go visit with him first.I think there is a little one that is jealous of his special spot being taken away and not just by one but many."There are days when I say, ' I'm quitting and not coming back,'" she said of parenting eight children."I think every mom feels that way." PHOTOS: Gosselins' Drama-Filled Family Scrapbook While she is bearing the heavy load of being a single parent, Kate said she isn't actively looking for a partner.

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