Jobs as a sex chat operator

But finding herself single and lonely at the age of 55, she decided she wanted to do something completely different - and signed up to become a sex line worker.Isabel had been working as a highly paid executive in the field of marketing but gave up her role at the insistence of her husband who wanted her to have more time for the family. She said: 'There is no script, I follow the lead of the people who call and what they want - which are sometimes things I could never have imagined. I soon realised that describing sexual acts over the phone was very repetitious and quite boring.As a married marketing executive and mother to a teenage son, Isabel Young could never have imagined the career path she would eventually follow.If you don't like the subject matter then don't answer the question. :) f you're exploring new ways to make money, you might want to consider becoming a phone actress and work for adult phone lines.A phone actress generally works as an independent contractor and can make anywhere from - 0 per hour.

I have been told I have the voice and I have acting experience and don't get squeamish. I have been thinking about a phone sex operator position to supplement my job that I love, but make little money at.

The companies have to route the calls to a landline in order to bill the customers per minute.

You won't find a PSO job that will let you use a mobile.

Most adult phone lines pay weekly, but some pay monthly.

A phone actress is paid for their actual talk time which makes extended calls over 15 minutes highly profitable.

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