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Edit Jennifer Beals was born to Alfred Beals and Jeanne Anderson.

Born December 19, 1963, in Chicago, IL; daughter of Alfred (a supermarket owner) and Jeanne (an elementary school teacher) Beals; married Alexandre Rockwell (a film director), 1986 (divorced, 1996); married Kenneth Dixon (a writer and film technician), 1999.

After caught up with the actress to discuss why L Word fans are the “most amazing” she’s ever had, flirting with women on set and how Ride Along‘s Teresa is “Bette times 100.”After What sort of feedback have you gotten from The L Word book? What does having such a large lesbian following a year after The L Word ended mean to you? I have to say, and I tell this to my co-stars on Ride Along, that The L Word fans are by far the most loyal and the most amazing fans I’ve ever had.

Jennifer Beals: I feel like I’m making a family album available for sale, which is kind of bizarre, but people seem to get a kick out of it. People don’t want anything from you — they just want to say thank you and it’s just really lovely.

We just made the prints available for sale, and that’s been going well. They’re the best fans that I’ve ever had by far, and even still, it perplexes me.

The print sales right now are benefiting Partners in Health, their women’s health program initiative that they have in Haiti; and City of Joy in the Congo. I get women coming up to me saying, “Thank you for taking on this role,” as if it weren’t the most extraordinary thing that’s been put in my professional lap.

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What A Feeling performed by Irene Cara both topped the charts after the release of the film.

In 1986, Jennifer got married to Alexandre Rockwell. They welcomed their first child together on 18 October 2005 and it was a baby girl.

Alexandre Rockwell is the renowned name in the American film industry and he is director, producer and screenwriter. On 14th of June 1998, Jennifer got married for the second time in her life. Jennifer's interest in acting was induced when she was attending high school.

Jennifer Beals was from the middle class family born in South Side, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America to Alfred Beals and Jeanne Anderson.

She is an American and is of African, American and Irish descent.

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