Invalidating the session in jsp

Can I log into your application with my desktop computer and my i Pad? my requirement is that i am administrator and multiple users login through remote locations, i want to monitor the users so i want to keep access to show me list of active users and which i have done and also access to invalidate that particular this.session Id is conformed coming from jsp.I have also mention that i used http session Context's method get Session(String session ID) but which is depreciated.

We will discuss Cookie in detail in one of the upcoming chapters .Now to identify the client ,server needs to maintain the state and to do so , there are several session tracking techniques.There are four techniques which can be used to identify a user session.a) Cookiesb) Hidden Fieldsc) URL Rewritingd) Session Object With Cookies , Hidden Fields and URL rewriting approaches, client always sends a unique identifier with each request and server determines the user session based on that unique identifier where as session tracking approach using Session Object uses the other three techniques internally.In a web application, server may be responding to several clients at a time so session tracking is a way by which a server can identify the client.As we know HTTP protocol is stateless which means client needs to open a separate connection every time it interacts with server and server treats each request as a new request.

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