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This quote is the knee-jerk reaction of any college student as they finally sit down and realize that they’re more screwed than Alderaan, the planet that blew up in Episode IV. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.” — Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones This quote is great for when you can’t remember absolutely anything that you studied but are trying your best to write a brilliant in-class essay.

This one might be the most illuminating quote in the entire Star Wars franchise.

It's everything a basketball chant should be: Organized, direct, supportive, intimidating and not the least bit hokey. To be honest, I think our English neighbors tend to outdo us when it comes to chants and songs; we yell "DE-FENSE," they sing "You'll Never Walk Alone." But I'm not sure I've heard a chant this good in the last five years. There is one clip of Harvard students doing the same -- be sure to wait for the guy dancing at the :19 second mark. )Utah State has been doing this chant for years, so I assumed they invented it. 25-ranked Air Force 28-25 in the final minutes: In October, the Midshipmen were in the last minutes of a 28-25 win over Air Force, then ranked No. Navy hadn't beaten a ranked opponent in 18 years -- longer than some Mids had been alive. "Just when you think this chant can't possibly get any cooler, you go and learn something like this.

It's not cocky, either; when I hear "believe," I hear less expectation than faith. And New York Red Bulls fans -- come on you, Red Bulls! Yet some in the Brigade, which stands throughout every game, began jumping up and down at Fed Ex Field. ." Until finally, the whole Brigade, more than 2,000 strong, was bounding up and down, screaming, "I believe that we will. It's been eight years in the making -- maybe longer, but the first T-shirt sale reference at Navy came in 2003, too -- but "I believe that we will win" finally seems to be entering the college basketball mainstream.

Trump was quick to set out his controversial immigration policy that included building a “great, great” wall to keep out anyone seeking a new life from Mexico.

Unsurprisingly, virtually the whole of Mexico was offended by these remarks. The immigration controversy continued after the San Bernardino shootings when Trump saw the actions of two radicals as cause to ban an entire religion from entering the US.

Not one to let a tragic event hinder the campaign steamroller, Trump continues to support this policy. Can we expect a more practical approach to preventing tragedies like this in the future?

Want to see something awesome, something that reaffirms your love in college basketball -- not in the game itself, so much, but in what it means to its most dedicated fans? Here's what you do: Type "" into your web browser.

Enter the search term "I believe that we will win." Click on the second video.

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