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Chronos had taken on the disguise of a horse when he wanted to seduce the nymph Philyra.

Spouse: Chariclo Children: A daughter, Endeis, by Chariclo.

Strengths: Physically strong; can carry a passenger.

Chiron saved him from danger and also gave Peleus handy dating tips to use when attempting to win the favors of the sea-goddess Thetis.

All those people who are interested in this type of romance can easily find their perfect match on this new and intuitive website.

Liverpool is a city that has its own unique spirit; it is both an extremely romantic place and a very cool place to be.

For an alfresco Date in Dublin, there really is nowhere better than Herb Street.

It’s in the heart of the digital hub near Grand Canal Dock. If you’re looking to fill up for the day ahead then check out the pancakes.

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