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By OYE Swimwear it features mesh panels at the back and front which, while suggestive, are of course strategically placed to avoid any embarrassment.It's a sporty style and seeing as the one-piece swimsuit is having a major comeback right now, this version has gone straight to the top of our summer wishlist.Actor Jamie Foxx has ruled out the possibility of dating a celebrity.The actor admitted that he would reject a date with famous celeb like Halle Berry, as he won't be able to handle a successful partner like her."I'm his biggest fan." EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx Talks Handling His Daughters' Dating Lives The 49-year-old actor is seemingly open with all his fans, but Beauvais says there's a special part to him that he keeps private (including his rumored years-long relationship with Katie Holmes)."There's definitely parts to him that, you know, he just keeps to him, which I think is awesome, because you can't give it all away, or there's nothing left for you, and he actually told me that once," she said, describing how he comforted her after the end of one of her own relationships years ago.

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That said, last night, I finally watched D' Jango Unchained. Which I’m not entirely sold on, but we’ll get to that in a second. ), sometimes laze around with a friend in way that could look romantic from the vantage point of a stranger’s camera? Nothing we’ve seen, actually seen, from Holmes and Foxx indicates anything beyond a close friendship. I realize they’re adults and it’s probably no big deal—grown-ups date grown-ups, and sometimes those grown-ups know each other—but I’m still very curious. And not in any sexist, “She was Cruise’s, now she’s Foxx’s, so the two men now have beef” kind of a way.Before we do that, I think it is worth mulling over this potentially awkward scenario. Sure there are rumors from a while back, about Holmes and Foxx dancing together at Hamptons parties and whatnot, but we still have nothing concrete on this alleged couple. Don’t you, especially when sitting on rolly chairs in front of computer monitors (what is this place? So we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and declare anything as fact or even start speculating madly. We need to figure out what we're going to do.' And he was like, 'I'm down. "So we're going to try to figure out something."Foxx and Beauvais, who played love interests on, never dated in real life -- which the actress credits for their lasting friendship."I think had we dated, we probably wouldn't have been so close," she confessed."I just think that we love each other and respect each other so much, and I've watched him go from a bachelor playboy to such a great dad, and, you know, our kids, [his daughter, Corinne, 23] and my son, Oliver [26], kind of grew up together.""It's just nice to see his journey," she added.

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