Generating list of changesets and updating work items

Now you can add a Power Shell build step to your v Next build, calling the Power Shell script and passing the VSTS Username and Password.

The next time a build triggers for a changeset that has associated work items, those work items will be updated with the build number…

fields=scm/change Set/(owner/name|modified|modified By/name|comment) Get a list of Builds: https://SERVER:9443/jazz/rpt/repository/build?

fields=build/build Result/(label|build Status|build Definition/(id|description)|personal Build|build Engine/*) Hi Mike, I found this forum post that you might find helpful:

However after the builds ends, on the summary page the associated changes has changesets from all the folders under the team project and similarly the associated work items belonging to these changesets too.Work Item Type') $($** [Assigned by: $($widetail.fields.'System. Title') @@[email protected]@ ###Associated change sets/commits @@[email protected]@ Note 1: We can return the builds start Time and/or finish Time, remember if you are running the template within an automated build the build by definition has not finished so the finish Time property is empty to can’t be parsed.This does not stop the generation of the release notes, but an error is logged in the build logs.You can make that visible on your board, it appears in the work item details, and you can also use it in your queries and reports. This slightly more looping example will traverse collections to update the work item even when the code and build are in another collections – as long as they are part of the same account.

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